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  • LB Stunts of Chicago Midwest Stunts. Established 2007
  • LeBlanc Jumps Snow
  • LeBlanc wins Trophy
  • Dave LeBlanc Flips at Flint Jesters
  • Rolling Stoppie Tall
  • Extreme High Chair Scrape
  • Front Endo stall on bike

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The Freestyle Stunting Domain of Dave LeBlanc of Chicago

Welcome to LBStunts.com, the freestyle stunting domain of Dave "LB" LeBlanc! Created in 2007, LB Stunts is Freestyle Motorcycle Stunt Rider. Originally born and raised out of Detroit, but not satisfied with just exposing Michigan to his skills, he has since relocated to Chicago to better reach his fan base all over the Midwest.

An LB Stunt show is unlike anything else you've ever seen! Guaranteeing a fun and impressive atmosphere for everyone at the show, LB always pushes the limits of insanity astonishing fans and impressing even the most experienced bikers.

What sets LB apart from others is his intense attention to detail, taking sincere pride in his fan base by strictly enforcing control of the bike and safety for all those in attendance. LB especially loves the little fans, often sporting an LB original shirt stating, "Role Model." Truly living up to this label, LB sticks around after every show talking and taking pictures with those that look up to him. Even when the show's over, you can still hear the crowds talking about what they just witnessed, he is a crowd pleaser for both young and the young at heart.

If you are interested in booking an LB Stunts motorcycle stunt show for your next event, or just have a question for LB, please use the contact form by clicking the Contact tab above.