About Dave LeBlanc

  • Name:  Dave LeBlanc
  • Alias:  "LB"
  • Age:  38
  • Birth Place:  Detroit, Mi
  • Current Residence:  Chicago, IL
  • Height:  6' 0"
  • Weight:  195lbs
  • Current Occupation:  Graphic Design, Stunter
  • Stunt Of Choice:  Rev Limiter Slipper Circles
  • Favorite Bikes  Honda CBR600 f4i, Kawasaki ZX6-R
  • Current Bikes  CBR 600f4i
  • Years Stunt Riding:  8

Other Info   If you say the Name LB, chances are you will know someone who has heard of Dave LeBlanc. Dave LeBlanc is a Freestyle Stunt Bike Rider from Michigan who has earned his way to the top all by himself. This is a crazy task for one man to endure if you think about the consequences he has put himself through to earn the respect, and make it by himself. Lets ask him some questions to get to know the man behind LB STUNTS with some Q&A......

Q: Hey LB, I must say, I am pretty impressed with the show.
LB: Thank you, I’m glad you came.

Q: Not going to lie, before today, I've never really been exposed to freestyle stunting.
LB: Yeah, until recently, it's been a pretty underground sport. There is so much skill involved in this extreme sport though, the mainstream is picking up on it. I mean you’re interviewing me right?

Q: Right, right. So, how did you get into all of this? I mean did you just wake up one day and decide to be a stunter?
LB: {Laughing} No, actually I raced motorcross for about three years, but I broke a bunch of bones and that put me out of commission for a long time. After a near death experience, I decided to retire from motorcross. I was watching a motorcross DVD and they profiled the sport "Stunting". I thought it looked cool and decided to try it.

Q: So, you just decided to go buy a bike
LB: Yep. Brand new. Two days after I watched that DVD I had a brand new bike. I don’t even know what came over me, I couldn’t help it.

Q: And….how soon before you learned your first stunt?
LB: I was doing wheelies the first day, by the next week I was rolling out over one mile wheelies.

Q: Seriously, you just knew how to do it? That sounds kind of crazy.
LB: {Laughing} I guess my motorcross background kicked in, or natural ability. I don’t know. People always said I was a natural at riding, but I think its more than that, I think its dedication.

Q: So no one taught you all of this?
LB: Never. I learned from doing.

Q: Wow, I’m sure you took quite a few falls then?
LB: Falling wasn’t an option for a long time on a brand new bike, but I did get way over my head at one point and wrecked it doing a 70 mile an hour coaster wheelie.

Q: You wrecked your bike? So that’s not what you are stunting with now is it?
LB: Nah, the bike I have now is way different than what I bought brand new. After I crashed it, I really started freestyle stunting. I stunted out the bike and was no longer afraid to fall, after all it’s already been wrecked. I learned a lot from that bike. I miss it. Eventually, I realized it really wasn’t the best bike for stunting, so I bought the F4I that I have now.

Q: I heard you used to have it “furred out?” What exactly does that mean?
LB: I bought long shaggy fur for a few reasons. It looked cool, but it also was a cheap and simple way to hold the bike together if something broke. Besides, the kids loved it.

Q: No more fur though I see? Why not?
LB: It got old I guess. I had it for a while though. Decided ‘09 was the time for change. I completely redid the bike for ‘09.

Q: It looks great, but I would have loved to have seen the fur.
LB: Yeah, people at my shows say the same thing. {Laughing} I might rock it out again someday.

Q: Why LBStunts and not a stunt team? Wouldn’t it be easier to be part of a team?
LB: Teams are silly and aren't really a thing in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, a support system of friends goes a long way, but where I'm from I had to be self sufficient.

Q: You grew up in Detroit right? You must have been only able to stunt a few months a year then?
LB: Between the bad weather in MI and working construction 7 days a week, every time I sat on the bike I had to consistently step up my game. Even though there was bad weather, I still took the time to teach myself to ride in the pouring rain and snow, literally.

Q: Not many people can say that I wouldn’t think, you stunted in snow? How is that even possible?
LB: Yeah, It's hard and very demanding on your body. But it is great practice to learn how to control your bike with absolutely no traction. It really helps for shows as well, it prepared me because people can see me even if it’s raining and I know I still have control of the bike you know? Can’t let the fans down just because the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Q: You don’t do a lot of competitions, but you do a lot of shows. Don’t most stunters really get into the competition side of stunting?
LB: I've done a few competitions but this is still an underground sport, so competitions are few and far between and don't offer any significant rewards. Stunt shows on the other hand are extremely rewarding in the sense of pride you take from putting a smile on peoples faces! Inspiring little kids and sharing the energy of the crowd gives me motivation.

Q: So some of the pictures on your site are from street rides. What are those?
LB: That’s when a bunch of motorcycle enthusiasts get together and take over the roads. More times than not, freestyle stunters are in the front of the pack. This is when stunters like me get the chance to show all the hard work and training that comes from practice in the parking lots all year.

Q: I would bet people travel from all over for those. Where’ve you traveled and which was your favorite?
LB: I’ve gone all over the Midwest, I love those rides. My favorite ride was the Chaos in Costume Ride in Chicago in ‘08. I rode a ten mile wheelie down I-55 to Chicago! I'll never forget that.

Q: No way! I bet you wish you had that on tape.
LB: Yeah I do too. I’m still on the lookout for the entire clip, someone taped it. My buddy Paul got half of it. You can see that in the video section of LBStunts.com.

Q: Oh, I’ll have to check that out. So one last question LB. Why the move here to Chicago?
LB: This is the place where dreams come true, right? {smiles}

Q: Well LB, I’ll be sure to check out the next show. Thanks for talking with us.
LB: No problem. Thanks for taking the time to interview me. I look forward to seeing you at the next one.

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